January is the season of goal-setting and aspiration-chasing. In the midst of all the excitement, we jot down ideas for how we will make our lives and world better. One of those dreams is often to find some way to give back. Is it on your list? We hope so…

Because we need your help!

The store is busier than ever with an increase in donations (how many of us have also resolved to declutter?) and we could use your helping hands. If the idea of volunteering sparks your interest, please consider your local Give & Take store and food pantry!

Anyone can volunteer – we welcome folks of all shapes, sizes, abilities and passions!

What we need:

  • Volunteers who can commit to working in the store on a weekly/monthly basis
    • Working in the store can mean sorting/hanging/displaying items, checking out customers, and general cleaning tasks
  • Volunteers who can’t commit to regular hours, but will have a free day sometime this year and want to come help on that day
    • We have a high rate of turnover, and the constant flow of donations need to be sorted (we’re currently overflowing!)
  • Financial Donations to continue funding the Food Pantry

Does any of this sound like something you can assist with? If so, please contact us by:

We hope to hear from you soon!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

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